Today’s divisive political and social environment brings increased pressure for organizations to take stances, adopt policies or increase transparency on a variety of issues. There are risks and opportunities with taking such actions, deciding against them, and in how you respond to related inquiries or criticism.

KBV Insights can help your organization better understand these issues and the groups advocating for them. It can also educate decision-makers on what others have done in relation to similar asks, and how your response may be perceived by different stakeholders. 

Our services in this area include:

  -  Issue analysis and monitoring

  -  Advocacy group profiles

  -  Organizational policy, position and response benchmarks

  -  Investor policy and position analysis



Many organizations have learned the hard way that who they choose to associate with can prompt negative publicity, customer backlash, activist campaigns or other issues. KBV Insights can help you understand these risks before entering into the relationships, enabling your organization to respond to resulting criticism or even decide against the affiliations.

Increased awareness about existing stakeholders also improves the likelihood of meaningful engagement with them, and can prepare your organization for any requests or challenges they or others may surface. 

Our services in this area include background profiles on:

  -  Nonprofits

  -  Industry organizations

  -  Public officials 

  -  Executives

  -  Celebrities

  -  Other prominent individuals 



KBV Insights brings extensive experience supporting a variety of corporate teams and topics. If you are interested in research or analysis that is not listed above, we would welcome the opportunity to learn about your needs. If we can’t support them, we may be able to direct you to other firms in our network that can.